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School Uniform Policy

In the world of work, the importance of presenting oneself well cannot be over-emphasised. Consequently, all pupils are required to wear the school uniform as detailed below. Wearing the school uniform helps pupils identify with the school and assists in creating a sense of community.

Boys Girls
Navy blazer Navy blazer
Navy trousers Navy pleated skirt (21” length)
White shirt White blouse
Regulation clip-on tie Regulation clip-on tie
Regulation badge Regulation badge
Black shoes (no boots) Black shoes (4cms) -(no boots)
Black/Navy socks
School scarf (optional) Navy tights (Halloween - 17th March)

N.B. No trainers (even black). Shoes should have a heel height of less than 4cms. Jewellery is limited to one stud earring worn on each ear lobe. Nail polish is not allowed. Overcoats must be black or navy - no fashion jackets permitted. Hoodies are not permitted to be worn within the confines of the school gates. A school coat and fleece with the crest can be purchased from Pat Burns, Draperstown (028) 7962 8405.


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