At St. Patrick's and St. Brigid's College, all our work is based on the principle of equal opportunity. This principle includes equal entitlement to a full, balanced and ambitious curriculum, including the National Curriculum, relevant to the needs of each pupil.

We therefore organise our teaching to provide for the individual needs of each pupil. This is particularly so for pupils with special educational needs. We plan and operate a differentiated curriculum in order to ensure equal access to the curriculum for each pupil.  Partnerships are a vital part of our work with pupils with SEN. Parents/Guardians are involved in all aspects of planning for their children. In school and external provision planning is shared with all teachers and the pastoral team. Provision is then monitored and evaluated by the Principal.

In this way we are confident that St. Patrick's & St. Brigid's College provides the best possible provision for all of our pupils.

The SENCo at St. Patrick's & St. Brigid's College is Miss A Mellon.