Our Christian Vision & Shared Values

Our Christian Vision

St. Patrick’s & St. Brigid’s College is an inclusive, non-selective, co-educational Catholic college which supports, nurtures and develops pupils academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually to enable all pupils to fulfil potential.

We provide a secure, happy, creative and challenging learning environment where all individuals are encouraged to respect themselves, others and the school environment.

We encourage pupils to maximise potential through embracing a variety of opportunities and experiences offered to them at the college and through the promotion of self-discipline and self-belief.

Our Christian & Shared Values

BELIEF: We identify our talents. We do our best.

ACHIEVEMENT: We prepare correctly. We flourish together.

LEADERSHIP: We take responsibility. We put others first.

COURAGE: We take action. We never give up.

SERVICE: We serve each other. We serve our community.

THANKFULNESS: We are thankful. We give praise.

These six Christian and shared values – Belief, Achievement, Leadership, Courage, Service and Thankfulness- are derived from the Bible and our Patron’s and they retain all their richness and relevance for a contemporary educational institution in an increasingly complex world.

We believe that our Christian and shared values provide a firm foundation for education which, without it, could be reduced to a mere set of skills instead of the formation of mind and spirit that will prepare our pupils for a fulfilled and happy life.

An education with Christ at the centre, which is what our values aspire to, equips young people to see the value of things, to exercise good judgement and enjoy the fruits of imagination throughout their lives.

Lived out at St. Patrick’s & St. Brigid’s College, our Christian and shared values encourage pupils to be ambitious, to strive for success, and to develop a love of learning. They encourage pupils to become more centred individuals, conscious both of their strengths and areas for growth, and able to separate truth and goodness from noise and distraction.

Pupils are encouraged to live in the present, to value the small, day-to-day moments of life and not always be looking impatiently to the next thing. Our Christian and shared values teach us that while living in a community requires effort, that effort brings great benefits, such as a strong sense of belonging.

Christian and shared values, unlike outcomes, are not always easy to measure, but they have a deep impact and are fundamental to the formation of who we become as people, which is why we place them at the heart of the provision we offer at St. Patrick’s & St. Brigid’s College.