Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning – Our Expectations

Positive Behaviour enables our pupils to grow to their full God-given potential, to be responsible, creative and thoughtful individuals.

It involves giving the pupils clear guidelines for what behaviour is acceptable and supporting them to learn to abide by the expectations of the college.

Here is what is expected from our pupils:

-Attend school every day and on time

-Arrive to class on time, line up and go to your designated seat

-Bring the necessary books and equipment and be prepared for learning

-Listen carefully and follow necessary instructions

-Start your work immediately

-Raise your hand if you are unsure and require help

-Present you work to your highest standard

-Complete homework by the due date

-Allow other pupils to work and make progress

-Follow all safety rules at all times

-At the end of the lesson, stand behind your seat and wait to be dismissed

-Wear the college uniform with pride

-Be polite and pleasant and treat everyone with respect

-Be considerate of others and their property

-Know and understand rules, sanctions and boundaries

-No drinking or eating in class 

-Travel to and from school in a responsible way