Positive Wellbeing


If you have something important to talk to staff about;

If you are worried about something that is happening to you, or to someone you know;

If you need help, or if you need to know how to get help;

The staff of St Patrick’s & St. Brigid's College are here to listen and help. They will try to do what they can.

If you are worried about telling things in confidence tell the member of staff, they will understand.

If they are concerned about your safety, they may need to share this with others, but they will always tell you first.


Wellbeing Lead

St. Patrick’s and St. Brigid’s College have appointed a Wellbeing Lead for Year 11 and Year 12 pupils. Her name is Blínne (pronounced Bleena).

Your wellbeing is impacted by (and impacts) everything from learning, socialising, your environment, and physical activity to resting, relationships, having fun and more.

Wellbeing is an umbrella term to consider all these things and all the categories of life that will influence wellbeing.

Within this role Blinne can support you one-to-one, in small group settings, in class groups, and at assemblies. She will provide information about resilience skills and coping strategies that are suitable for all pupils and will be useful for your future studies/employment. Blinne will also provide enrichment activities which supports wellbeing through activities chosen by you.

Blinne will provide a format to collect feedback from pupils in Year 11 & Year 12 about specific areas of wellbeing you would life to have included in your school.

There will be a wellbeing hub provided for you to relax and regulate during break and lunch times. 

In the meantime, you can access resources to support your wellbeing here:

The Importance of being a Teenager: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O1u5OEc5eY

What you do with your mind now can impact the overall health of your brain & body.

We All Have Mental Health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxIDKZHW3-E

Why do I lose control of my feelings/thoughts/behaviour sometimes?




Resources and Signposting